“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”

The 3A's of our Kindergarten programme

Academics - Activities - Achievement

At Velammal Bodhi Campus Kolapakkam, the classrooms of the Kindergarten sections are replaced by ThinkRooms. In our ThinkRooms, we give every child the opportunity to practice their skills through creative activities. The academic skills are integrated carefully through a well-designed and active learning ambience in their learning studios. We believe that the sense of achievement that every child gains through this holistic learning helps the students attain the 360 degrees domain development. Learning Studios are an integral part of the ThinkRooms that help the child practice thinking in the cognitive, emotional, social, meta-cognitive domains. In the ThinkRoom, every child is a creator and the learning resources are devised to give them the freedom to listen, think and express in a creative way. The lesson design and the pattern of work schedule enable the teacher to evaluate the true learning outcomes of every student.